PRIVATE & GROUP Effective January 1, 2022

Note: All lessons will be invoiced monthly and will be due upon receipt.



Sam & Linda

1/2 Hour Private



45 Minute Private



1 Hour Private



1 Hour Semi Private



1 Hour Group (3 or more)



Schooling a horse




*Note: All lessons must be rescheduled or cancelled 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged for the lesson.

Leasing Spring Run Horses:



For Pony Club On Site

$35 (off-site $70/day)

Monthly 1/2 Lease

$450 (includes shoes)

Full Lease

Depends on Horse

Client is responsible for shoes on leases


Rates Effective immediately and are subject to change without notice.


Cold Weather Lessons: 

  • We will teach if the high is above 15.

  • Please call if you are unsure.

  • Wear gloves, a hat, long underwear and layer your clothes.

  • If very cold, wear warm boots instead of paddock boots or tall boots.


Important Numbers (please call between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.):


We look forward to having you at Spring Run.

Photo barns at Spring Run Farm